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19/02/2024 - 25/02/2024

Aries: Channel your fiery energy into passionate projects, but watch out for impulsive decisions. Mars in Gemini encourages quick thinking and action, but Mercury retrograde asks for double-checking before leaping. Balance boldness with measured steps.
Taurus: Indulge in self-care with Venusian energy strong, but don't get stuck in comfort zones. The Sun in Aquarius pushes you to embrace innovation and connect with your community. Find a healthy balance between pleasure and growth.
Gemini: Your words hold power under Mercury's influence, both direct and retrograde. Express yourself creatively, but be mindful of gossip or hasty communication. This is a time for thoughtful dialogue and intellectual exploration.
Cancer: Dive deep into your emotions with the Moon in your sign, but avoid getting overwhelmed. Connect with loved ones on a deeper level, but also prioritize your own emotional well-being. Self-compassion is key.
Leo: Shine your light on the world, but remember collaboration is key. The Sun in Aquarius emphasizes teamwork and community spirit. Share your talents generously, but be open to feedback and different perspectives.
Virgo: Your meticulous nature is appreciated, but avoid getting bogged down by details. Mercury retrograde asks for flexibility and adaptability. Focus on efficiency and organization, but leave room for spontaneous changes.
Libra: Harmony and diplomacy are your superpowers with Venus in your sign. Seek balance in relationships and partnerships, but don't shy away from standing up for your values. Authenticity and fairness will lead to positive outcomes.
Scorpio: Transformation is in the air, fueled by Pluto in your sign. Delve into personal growth, but avoid getting caught up in power struggles. Use your emotional intensity for positive change and self-awareness.
Sagittarius: Your adventurous spirit craves freedom, but don't neglect responsibilities. Saturn in your sign asks for commitment and discipline. Explore exciting opportunities, but also build a solid foundation for long-term success.
Capricorn: Ambition is high with Mars in your sign, but avoid neglecting personal needs. Take calculated risks and pursue your goals relentlessly, but remember to rest and recharge to avoid burnout.
Aquarius: Embrace innovative ideas and humanitarian causes with the Sun in your sign. Connect with like-minded individuals and contribute to positive change. However, avoid stubbornness and be open to different perspectives.
Pisces: Creativity flows freely with Neptune in your sign, but stay grounded to avoid escapism. Express your emotions through artistic pursuits, but also engage in practical activities to avoid losing yourself in daydreams.